The bespoke solution.

Are you looking for something
a little bit special?

Perhaps you’ve been told you’ll have
to wait months for your new car….

Maybe you’re unsure which of the endless types of finance would be most appropriate to your needs.

Just possibly you’ve had a bad experience with a dealership? Sales staff that disappear when there’s a problem, unreturned phone calls, bad advice…

…we know all about it.

We deal in this marketplace every single day.  We know how to get around waiting lists, in fact we’ve NEVER failed to improve on a quoted ‘lead time’ and usually always manage to turn months into weeks. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll give you an honest appraisal on when we can supply your car.

Viatura can handle the whole thing for you.  If you decide you want to deal with us we’ll offer advice on the best type of finance for you, swiftly arrange paperwork, source your car and arrange delivery.  If necessary, you’ll be given a mobile telephone number and private email address for you to get in touch outside normal office hours.
We appreciate your time is important because ours is too.

We work differently to dealerships, for example once a dealer has sold all the stock they’ve been allocated for a year they often can’t be bothered with new enquiries.  Crazy… but all too often true.  We don’t work the same way.  We don’t ever think we’re doing you the favour.

In short, Viatura can guide you through the minefield that acquiring a new prestige/exec/sports car can become.

Seen something you like? Call us now on 0161 380 7060 or fill in our enquiry form