FAQs – Your questions answered

Can I choose which dealer supplies the vehicle?

If you have a relationship with a local dealer and they can supply the vehicle within a suitable time-scale then yes, we can purchase your new car or van from your nominated supplier. However the dealer would need to be able to meet our discount requirements, as your contract will have been based on our price. Where possible we prefer to use our own established dealers as we have standards of service and performance that have been built up over many years.

What does a Maintenance Contract cover?

If you decide to opt for a maintenance and service contract with your new car or van you will be covered for all routine service and maintenance costs that arise throughout the duration of your contract. This does not affect manufacturers warranty or any breakdown cover that might be supplied as part of the new car purchase contract. Many customers like to add this to the monthly rental as it eliminates unexpected bills and allows a monthly motoring budget to be set.

Where do I take the vehicle for servicing?

Any main franchised dealer. Your lease contract does not restrict you to a particular dealer. Contract Hire cars might be purchased from a dealer in Aberdeen and delivered to customer in London.

Will I get a bill for damage at the end of the contract?

Certain finance companies have recently been in the press about this. We avoid using companies which charge unfair fees. There are guidelines laid down by the BVRLA (British Vehicle and Leasing Regulatory Authority) relating to ‘Fair Wear and Tear’. The finance company has to dispose of the vehicle and expect that the vehicle will be in a condition in keeping with its age and agreed mileage. This does not mean it must be in showroom condition, but any damage outside of fair wear and tear must be rectified. If in doubt, ask us.

Can I terminate the contract early?

Yes. Different finance contracts operate in different ways and each finance company has its own rules. If you feel this is likely it might be better to consider a short-term contract.

Who is responsible for insuring the vehicle?

You are responsible for providing comprehensive insurance for the vehicle for the term of the contract.

What if I do more miles than I thought I would?

The contract will have a built in excess mileage charge which you will see up front. However it is a little-known fact that it is often possible to change your mileage allowance mid-term. Leasing companies understand that it is difficult to accurately predict the mileage you will cover and circumstances can change. If you need to increase or reduce your mileage give us a call and we’ll arrange a contract amendment.

What happens if I exceed my contract mileage?

At the outset of a leasing scheme such as Contract Hire you will be asked to stipulate the number of miles you anticipate the car or van will cover per annum. This is because the monthly rental is based on the value of the vehicle at the end of the term (the residual) and mileage affects value. If the vehicle is returned with additional miles an excess mileage pence per mile charge will be payable. We can normally avoid this by staying in regular contact with you over the term of the contract and adjusting the mileage accordingly if necessary, as per the previous question.

Can I buy the vehicle at the end of the contract?

This depends on the type of finance or leasing scheme you use, with Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Lease Purchase you can however with Contract Hire it is a little more complicated as there are tax and VAT implications. Please speak to us about this.

Why should I lease rather than buy?

The simplest answer to this is depreciation, all cars and vans are guaranteed to do this and utilising the correct finance contract allows the cost to be minimised. Different customers have different requirements; some like the fact that they can put a new car or van on the road in a cost-effective way, with others there are tax benefits and others again who like the fact that there is no negative equity risk. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll work to find the most suitable finance contract for you.

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